Baozene ® Studies

Hepatoprotective Influence of Adansonia digitata Pulp

The fruit pulp of the Adansonia digitata (Linn.), commonly known as baobab, is an important human nutrition source in East, Central, and West Africa & Easteren India. The plant, which has traditionally been used as an immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic , pesticide , antipyretic, febrifuge, and astringent in the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery, has been evaluated as a substitute for imported western drugs. No systemic study, however, has reported the possible use of fruit pulp as a hepatoprotective agent. This study investigated the effects of Adansonia digitata fruit pulp against carbon tetrachloride induced hepatotoxicity. more

Multi-Inflammatory and antiviral activities in Adansonia digitata Leaves,fruits, and seeds.

Adansonia digitata (Baobab) is a traditional African medicinal plant with numerous applications, including treatment of symptoms of infectious diseases. Standardized commercial preparations of Adansonia digitata leaves, fruit-pulp and seeds were acquired and extracted with three different solvents, water, methanol and DMSO. . more


What is Baozene ® used for ?

Some manufactures use Baozene for:

    • Tablets                 Cereal Bars

Capsules             Ice Cream

Soft Drinks           Yogurts

Smoothies           Jams

Cereal                  and More.....

Baozene® has low pectin content, useful to make drinks transparent, and also has high soluble fiber useful for a great binding agent.